The Creative Powers of the Spirit World

The Creative Powers of the Spirit World

The darkness existed as an energy from the beginning of the creation process within the spirit world, however, the light of truth proved predominant before the demotion of Baal the accuser, the master of the darkness. The darkness existing of egotism that engulfed the second created spirit, who became jealous of the only begotten spirit the one that issued out of the mouth of the Divine. The two factions, the light and the darkness were firmly established and constituted in the spirit world as an energy of enmity, after the demotion of Baal the accuser into a lower entity.

Who are the creators of the earth, animals, humans, etc…?

The mature spirits experienced creative powers including the high-ranking lower entities. Furthermore, humans express creative skills and talents. Humans can create and invent material items from the raw materials of the earth. Therefore, The Almighty Divine Creator also granted the spirits with creative powers. The proper terminology is “Divine-Craftsmen”. Moses used the term “Eloheem” which the Hebrew definition of Eloheem is plural. Hence, the first two chapters in Genesis—the Hebrew script uses Eloheem, though they translate the word in a singular form. The Eloheem or the Divine-Craftsmen were not only of the spirits of the light, but, also the entities of the darkness.

To clearly understand the context, deep study into the context of nature such as the dinosaurs that existed millions of years before the wise man existed will define the subject. Contemplating that some of the dinosaurs experienced creation as vegetarians, harmless, calm creatures, and others created as meat eating, angry, wicked creature—this clearly resembles the personalities of the Divine Craftsmen. Distinctly, two types of personalities manifested in the animal kingdom—qualities of the light and the darkness. The Crocodile is another example of the dark-side of creation. The context of predator verses prey should awaken a person’s awareness to the fact that the creation of the animal kingdom was of the light and the darkness. The emotion of anger, jealousy, and domination in contrast to love, gentleness, and playfulness are apparent among the ape family. A wealth of cognition and wisdom is attainable by studying the animal kingdom.

Why were the Divine Craftsmen Motivated to Create Earthly Material when their World was of Formless Spirit?

Baal the accuser, the original wicked entity experienced demotion into a lower entity long before any type of creation of the earth happened. The principal motivation was that the spirits of the light recognized that the darkness easily corrupted them, and many became corrupted to demotion. Once demoted, the lower entities noticed that they were losing energy and understood that appending on to negative human emotion, which they ascertained through animals, could feed them energy, aside from human worship who would be under their deception. Creation of the human was crucial for both sides of the light and the darkness.

Explicitly for the light, the creation of the human was pivotal, because of the powerful corruption of the darkness, the spirits could enter the human cycle, and after living several lives, the individuals that entered the human cycle with good karma would become enlightened and transform into a Sacred Spirit upon death of the enlightened life. The Sacred Spirit is incorruptible to the darkness, and can effectively battle the darkness without becoming corrupted. Additionally, entering the human cycle shields the spirit from corruption of the darkness. This is the primary reason there are billions of humans on the earth today, for the safety of the inner spirit against the corrupting nature of the darkness.

The wisdom of The Grand Powerful Divine, The Source—The Creator of the Spirits—revealed the art of creation to the spirits and entities. After the creation of the earth, the Divine Craftsmen created the mammals, insects, reptiles, and all the flying creatures of the sky, and granted the qualities of selfishness of the stomach, in contrast to love for the newborn. Nonetheless, selfishness for ones stomach always is a predominant feature of the animal kingdom and of human beings. Each type of animal was created with its own personality and with absolute wisdom—the animal kingdom was brought forth into the earth through Divine Wisdom.

Evolution, Facts for a Theory?

The creation of humans proves as a creation process other than a seven day saga. The Divine Craftsmen commenced experimentations and the first design was a standing ape. The oldest fossil they have ever dug up is the Lucy fossil that was a standing ape with the scientific name—Australopithecus Afarensis. This is why the subject of evolution can prove as fact within its context. Contemplating the goal of the Divine Craftsmen, this standing ape (Australopithecus afarensis) was not the perfect human. Consequently, this breed did not satisfy the needs for either side in the spirit world. The breed of human being that would be ideal would need to have the ability, not only to choose between good and bad, but be able think abstractly with the ability to attain wisdom. The Divine Artisans understood the importance that the created human needed to be an exact representation of their formless being, although in form. Accordingly, human creation must equal to the image of the spirits—this corresponds to “In the image of the Almighty Divine Creator”; yet, in the flesh.

Favoring time to study the fossil record of the creation process, the conclusion dictates that the Divine Craftsmen were able to produce a better stock of humans each time they attempted to create up to the Neanderthal Man. The Neanderthal Man, likewise, was not the precise creation to provide the purpose for the spirits and entities; the cognition and wisdom lacked among the Divine Craftsmen to create the Wise Man—The Homo-Sapiens.

Who created the Homo Sapiens—the wise man?

The Almighty Divine Creator dwells within deep wisdom. The All Powerful Divine Godhead, who is the God of the spirits and entities, displayed his power by creating the Wise Man—alone. A reminder for the spirits and entities to who is the All Powerful. The Almighty Divine Godhead demonstrated the All Powerful Spirit to prove and verify to the spirit world who is the Almighty God of the gods.

At last, the perfect human creatively existed that took place in Africa 200,000 years ago and thousands of years before Adam was formed, and put into the Garden of Eden. Artwork around the world displays that the spirit world was joyful over their counter part—the wise man. Consequently, the issue of the wise man would turn into a major battle in the spirit world between the light and the darkness.
The beginning of the wise man would live primitive from what we comprehend from history and the fossil recorded. It would not be until hundred of thousands of years later that the first city-state civilization would transpire in southern Mesopotamia in 3500 BCE of the Sumerians, and the kingdom of Sumner. However, before this episode occurred, Adam, who is spoken of in the Hebrew Scriptures, would be directly created from the spirits of the light in their likeness of qualities. Major enmity between the light and the darkness begins with the formation of Adam.

The Lucy Fossils:

  • Range: The mountains of Ethiopia. They lived in the rain forest. They especially lived in a certain valley.
  • Time: About 3.2 million years ago. That was the Paleolithic (stone age) era.
  • Description: Chimp like. Head looked like boisei.
  • Culture: Unkown.
  • Facts: Only one skeloton found. Scientists named it Lucy.

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