The Almighty Divine Sacred Spirit The Indescribable.

The Almighty Divine Holy Spirit is omnipotent and the all-powerful force of creation. The All Powerful Sacred Spirit (THE INFINITY) created all the original spirits, the spirit world, and all existence. It is through the Divine Holy Spirit that individual karma is experienced. The destiny of the world, the darkness, the light, and each individual is generated and directed from The Almighty Powerful Spirit. Divine omnipresence, and dominance of destiny is baffling for the multitudes of humanity. The dogmatic positioned religions of the world produced an obscured, shallow, and vague perception of “God.” The contorting singular definition of “God” is used out of context that stems from concealing the identity of The Sacred Spirits—plural, and The Divine Holy Spirit—singular. Christianity fails to comprehend the context of two subjects concerning the term “Holy Spirit”.

The Almighty Divine Source is indescribable; the formless personage of an all-powerful spirit is beyond the comprehension of humans. However, enlightened individuals taught upon their uplifted perception and within their era of their culture, and endeavored to describe the indescribable. The Sacred Spirit of the Godhead is the energy force of the formless omnipresent Source. The energy force is formless; acts as the wind. Jesus, the anointed master of the children of the light taught that blasphemy of the Almighty Powerful Spirit will cause dire straits for an individual. People around the globe blasphemy the All Powerful Source, the spirits of the light, the sacred spirits, the prophets, the sages, and the king of the children of the light, Jesus. Profanity of the Almighty Divine Blessed Spirit, the all-powerful energy force will not be overlooked. Identifying Divine direction is crucial to learning the certainty of truth that reveals the deception of the world, religion, and the twisting of the scriptures.

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