The Original Spirit (Angels)

Is the Spirit World a true Reality?

Yes, a Spirit World of formless spirits that consist of Original Spirits (Angels) Sacred Spirits (Archangels) and Lower Entities (Demons) exists beyond human vision and beyond this world of formation, and seriously involved with human affairs.

Throughout history, the deceivers of the darkness through religion, the media, and world commerce generated an ideology concerning the angel within an obscured level of content. The content that the world religions and the media teach concerning angles, ghosts, aliens, UFO appearances, and the mysterious paranormal generates a dogmatically positioned falsehood that is implanted within the minds of humanity. Indeed, the content of alien/UFO experiences is an actuality for many individuals; however the context of the subject is separate from the lower entities and original spirits. The aliens are of form within the third dimension as the animals and humans and an entire different subject. The deception of religion and the media germinates is a cancer upon the lethargic minds of the majority. The media, in reference to all forms and content of the spirit world generates disbelief among the masses of humanity. However, there are a few individuals who will ascertain the truth of certainty concerning the spirit world and the context of the original spirit.

What is an Original Spirit?

The original spirit is a spirit who exists in the spirit world 4th/5th dimensions, but enjoys the 3rd dimension of formation, and has chosen contrary to entering the safety zone of the human cycle. A common phrase used is angel concerning the original spirit. The Almighty Divine Spirit directly created each spirit; each spirit is bestowed a destiny upon creation. The corruption from the domination of the darkness acts as a predator toward the original spirit, henceforth, billions of spirits entered the human cycle. Each individual on the earth existed as a formless spirit and experienced their beginning through a unique creation from the powers of the Almighty Divine Spirit.

What took place in the Spirit World that produced two sides—the light and the darkness?

The beginning of enmity between the first and second created spirits occurred after multitudes of spirits experienced creation. The second spirit lied, stating that he was the first created spirit. The infamous phrase “I am” is egocentric interest in oneself. The darkness existed as a formless energy within the context of ego. Once the darkness established itself in the spirit world through the personification of prideful actions within the second spirit produced selfishness, greed, and false ambition—the corruption of the darkness sought its prey upon the vulnerable spirit.

Billions of original spirits allowed the corruption to engulf their personage that resulted in demotion into a lower entity; an unnumbered amount of spirits chose to follow the path of darkness. Therefore, many original spirits recognized the vulnerability of the corruption of the darkness. The only defense the spirit can utilize is virtuous actions averse to the darkness. Despite the powerful corruption of the darkness, multitudes of original spirits proved their integrity through actions of virtue; henceforth, the enmity between the light and the darkness in the spirit world firmly established itself. Considering the powerful corruption of the darkness, several original spirits, although few compared to the billions that experience creation, was granted the destiny to attain a higher level of consciousness as a human and to transform into a Sacred Spirit upon death. This type of spirit pursued virtuous actions in the spirit world—entering the rebirth cycle and suffering in the physical body are a requirement to attain the privileged existence of a Sacred Spirit.

Why does the world of humanity suffer within the context of a lower level of consciousness.

Karmic bonds exist within the spirit world upon each spirit and entity. Each spirit is subjected to responsibility of their actions, and speech, similar to the earthly life. Therefore, karmic bonds are appended upon a spirit that enters the rebirth cycle that dictates its destiny in relation to spirituality. From observing the lack of spiritual interest among humanity provides clear evidence that billions of spirits entered the human cycle corrupted from the darkness and with faulty karma. Yet, there are some individuals that entered the rebirth cycle with exceptional karma, which after multitudes of lifetimes of suffering in the body, the individual will attain a higher level of consciousness and break the rebirth cycle and transform into a non-corruptible Sacred Spirit that can battle the lower entities of the darkness effectively.

Is the inner spirit of the human safe from the corruption of the darkness that exists in the spirit world.

Yes, A separate dimension in the spirit world enclosed from the corruption of the darkness has existed since the original Australopithecus Afarensis, the standing ape “human”. This is the 4th dimension of the rebirth cycle in the spirit world. Once a spirit enters this 4th dimension from the 5th dimension, and after a human birth into the 3rd dimension, the formless spirit enclosed within the individual core experienced safety from the corruption of the darkness; because of this, billions of spirits entered the rebirth cycle. Additionally, many spirits entered the human cycle for the expectation of attaining a higher level of consciousness and proceeding as a Sacred Spirit. Within the 4th dimension of the rebirth cycle in the spirit world, time is linear, one hundred earthly years is like a blink of the eye. Thus, time between mortal lives in the 4th dimension is non-proportional to the individual reality of the 3rd dimension.

Why has the population of humanity dramatically increased since World War Two.

After world war two the population has escalated to an overwhelming six billion+ humans on the earth. The solid reason for the population explosion is all remaining original spirits must enter the rebirth cycle for the Judgment era during the time of the Man of Lawlessness. Many spirits have refrained the suffering nature of the individual life. Some original spirits are attached to the existence as a spirit and have ascertained how to avoid demotion into a lower entity. However, as the time arrives to the advent of the Man of Lawlessness more spirits are experiencing demotion or choosing the human cycle. This is the prime reason the prison system is at an overflow; many spirits are entering the rebirth cycle with the utmost deplorable karma requiring solitude. Most original spirits are worldly residing with complacent complications and addictions, attaching themselves to objects or living through other humans. The only spirit that is absolute in their faithfulness is the Sacred Spirit, yet the original spirit, even at this dilatory date before the Man of Lawlessness arrives, can still perform virtuously.

Considering the safety net of the human rebirth cycle; Can a human support and choose the side of the darkness.

Yes, The inner spirit (soul) that dwells within the individual is safe from the corruption of the darkness; however, the person can support the darkness and act wickedly; selfishness and arrogance abound within the heart and mentality of humanity. This is clearly observable among the international bankers and politicians who love the world despite presenting themselves as ardent. Any human or spirit who loves the world is separate from Divine intimacy and the close friendship of the Sacred Spirits is distant.

I have heard of this multiple lifetimes, aka: reincarnation, is it really true?

Yes, Extremely True, each person has experience hundreds, thousands, and possibly tens of thousands of third dimensional lifetimes depending when the spirit entered the rebirth cycle. The majority of spirits entered the human cycle with bad karma; thus, an attachment to the human cycle. The reality of experiencing the intensified moment is an individual occurrence; memory loss of the human cycle plays a key role. The spirit is transported into the safe dimension of the human cycle in the spirit world after each death. This dimension is closed off to the outer spirit world where the battles between the darkness and the light exist. This dimension is a resting area for the spirit between lives, and may associate with other spirits; many spirits are amassed together according to their level; the group may experience their human lives together as a supportive network. Even so, the comfort of the spirit world is short lived, once the proper place is sought according to the karma of the previous life, the spirit will be inserted into the womb which occurs in the third month of pregnancy. The time element within the dimension of the human cycle in the spirit world is non-linear, a hundred or a thousand earthly years are like an overnight sleep. The timelessness of the forth dimension in the spirit world is a reality for the inner spirit; however, it is irrelevant to the human life because of the ego/mind occupancy, unless the dimension of the Pure Consciousness is experienced.


  • Each individual has existed as a spirit in the spirit world of the light and the darkness. Time is non-linear and irrelevant in the spirit world.
  • The original spirit is vulnerable to the powerful corruption of the darkness; henceforth, the human cycle served as a protection or safety net.
  • Billions of spirits have entered the rebirth cycle after world war two for the arrival of the Man Of Lawlessness, thus, causing a population explosion.
  • Currently, many corrupted spirits choose the human cycle at demotion, therefore entering with injurious karma; consequently a prison population explosion.
  • A Sacred Spirit is produced from an original spirit entering the rebirth cycle with good karma, and suffering in the body multiple lifetimes; upon attaining a higher level of consciousness—after a death the inner spirit will transform into an incorruptible (holy spirit) Sacred Spirit.
  • Every original spirit must enter the human cycle for the era of judgment which begins with the arrival of the Man of Lawlessness. An overflow of population in the earth is the reality.