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Spirit Entities reveals the hidden nature of intelligent living spirits and entities that are of the spirit world and are invisible to our human eye. A Divinely gifted Third Eye, or Sixth Charka, can envision the nature of fifth dimensional Spirits and the Spirit World.

The detailed information within this website reveals The Spirit World that consists of wise powerful Sacred Spirits commonly known as Archangels, contrasting the Lower Entities commonly known as Demons and within the last decade known as Reptilians and Shape-shifters. This website teaches the differences between the Original Spirit (angel), the Sacred Spirit (archangel), the Lower Entities (Reptilians, Shapshifters, Demons), and The Divine Sacred Spirit, in addition to the dynamics of the Spirit World.

The Infinity of Consciousness allows hidden context of a subject to be revealed to an honest hearted spiritual seeker; our inner formless spirit comprehends truth. The human mind that is dumbed down into a matrix of deceptive dogma can recognize the truth if the individual is seeking spiritual enlightenment.

The dedicated non-positioned spiritual seeker will ascertain the truth of the spirit world if desired, and if the intuitive listening technique of the inner person is active. The open-minded fearless spiritual student will recognize the dynamic context of the Spirit World.

All information written within this site is positioned upon the integrity of truth.

The explanation of many websites about the paranormal expresses only content—I hope you experience the information within this website enlightening, dynamic, and of serious context of truth. Through personal spiritual dedication and virtuous intention—graciously— the hidden context is revealed. Many people around the globe are comprehending the powers of the darkness such as the Reptilians and the Demons that dominate this earth. Yet, among the dark nature of this world the Sacred Spirits assist and direct honest hearted people of awareness.

Please note: There is a much bigger picture than what is written on this website. The context herein is not the absolute picture. However, much of the context may be profound compared to what the world religions teach.

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