The Sacred (Holy) Spirit

As time continues and technology advances, consciousness and awareness is increasing upon certain individuals and can identify that formless spirits assist, direct, and teach individuals within the earth. A few spoken popular phrases are archangel, holy spirit, or guardian angel. Additionally, certain individuals are experiencing an awareness that lower entities exist among humanity that misleads and desires to conquer the individual that is seeking spiritual accuracy. The detailed significance to comprehend is the context of the subject—the context defining as: the accurate identification of the phrases of archangel, guardian angel, spirit guides, or the gods. Throughout the history, religions disguised the context that created shallow content, besides confusing and concealing the definition of terms, phrases, and expressions.

Is a Sacred Spirit the Holy Spirit?

Sacred Spirit is a phrase that is unpopular among the minds of humanity. “archangel” or “holy spirit” are phrases that are popularized from western religions stemming from the bible. The gods are a phrase from the stories of mythology that the western world views as pagan; the production of a singular monotheistic dogma. Throughout the generations of deception, the context and definition of an Archangel or Holy Spirit experienced a dubious twisting from the certainty of truth. Also, the deceivers of the darkness disguised the context of the plural emphasizing the singular. The Sacred Spirit serves as a helper for the spiritual quester, and the Almighty Divine Sacred Spirit are two different subjects of context. Consequently, the embedded deception of the singular within the mind-set of humanity progresses into a muddled level of definition, consequently, the context of the subject is disorientated.

Plural verses the Singular in the Scriptures:

Within the context of the Greek Scriptures, Jesus taught concerning his Sacred Spirits who help the chosen and other spiritually interested individuals that are living on this earth dominated by the lower entities. Jesus taught about two resurrections, and two kingdoms after the separation of the light and the darkness; hence—idolatrous religion dogmatically positioned caused a deception concerning the plural context by producing vague singular content related to the term “Holy Spirit”; there are two subjects of context concerning the phrase “Holy Spirit”. The truth of the Sacred Spirits is obscured and concealed resulting from the powerful deception of the darkness. The lower entities have manipulated the minds of humans to focus on the singular—the buried context of the plural created a stratagem.

The predominant goal of the lower entities of the darkness is to conceal the truth about the Sacred Spirits, and to prevent any individual to attain a high level of consciousness. The sage living on the earth who comprehends the truth is a direct threat to the lower entities that dominate earthly cultures, religions, media, governments, and every social organization. Positively, the Sacred Spirit is incorruptible and in direct opposition to the darkness. Thus, the prime goal of the lower entities is to cause deception that will divert humanity from pursuing the ultimate goal of a high level of consciousness, and upon death the spirit will ascend as a Sacred Spirit.

Each original spirit entered the human cycle with karmic bonds. The entanglement of the ego and the corruption of the darkness caused most original spirits to enter the human cycle with detrimental karma that will eliminate the possibility of attaining the high-required level of consciousness to break the human cycle; nevertheless, the human cycle protects the original spirit from the corruption of the darkness. The individual that entered the human cycle with amiable karma and a low level of corruption, after suffering in the body hundreds of different lifetimes, this person may attain a high level of consciousness. A high level of consciousness is a prerequisite to ascend as a Sacred Spirit.

Who are the Sacred Spirits?

The Sacred Spirits are faithful, true, the holder of wisdom, incorruptible to the darkness, and reside in the Upper 5th Dimension, but do teach and direct humans in the 3rd dimension. The Sacred Spirit battles the darkness by directing, teaching, and disciplining the spiritual student on the path to comprehending the truth. The lower entity attempts to thwart the individual spiritual seeker through manipulation of the ego, religions, culture, commence, twisting of the scriptures, and the media. The combined result of the deception of the world, enslavement of cultural rules, dogmatically positioned ardent deceptive teachings, and the ambiguous hypnotic dogma of the media—the advancement of consciousness is severely atypical among the populace of humanity.

The Sacred Spirits are the personification of integrity, and can become a best friend to a human that has proved their integrity on the side of the light, however; friendship is conditional. The Sacred Spirits can lift the vale of deception from a person’s eyes and teach the truth. Identifying and subjecting oneself to their direction is pivotal to receiving their favor. Humility and the action of love are a requirement, in addition to circumcision of the heart that includes changing from self-centeredness to an open generous heart. The Sacred Spirits, including the high-ranking lower entities are knowledgeable of each human because each person lived in the spirit world as an original spirit before entering the human cycle. The attachment of karmic bonds in the spirit world is similar to karmic bonds that can generated as a human. The most important reason people are spiritual and other people lack spirituality relates to their prior life in the spirit world. Consequently, the majority of humans are destined for the earthly kingdoms—the light or the darkness.

The original spirits that have refrained from entering the human cycle can produce virtuous actions—though worldly—they have avoided demotion; but, these spirits are afflicted with attachments. Countless original spirits find themselves demoted every month; numerous entering the human cycle at the time of demotion that bestows them injurious karma that dominates—this is the prime reason the prisons are at an overflow. Consequently, the era is climacteric to the advent of the man of lawlessness. Thus, entering the human cycle is a requirement for the original spirits just before the man of lawlessness is anointed as king over the children of the darkness on the earth for the judgment era.

Did Jesus teach about the Sacred Spirits?

Yes, when Jesus, the Anointed Master of the Sacred Spirits taught on the earth, he primarily taught about faith, love, the kingdom, and gathering his chosen—the Sacred Spirits, in addition to teaching about the judgment era, which is the time of the Man of Lawlessness. Jesus is the master of the Sacred Spirits; this is the congregation that Jesus taught about, not an earthly establishment. All Sacred Spirits are equal and possess an identical formless appearance. Each Sacred Spirit possesses unique abilities and each resides with different levels of wisdom and experience. Contrasting the lower entities of rank and file that are equivalent to the earthly military.

What is required to ascend as a Sacred Spirit?

Raising the level of consciousness during the human lifetime is pivotal to breaking the bonds of the human cycle. The individual will transform as a Sacred Spirit through death after attaining a high level of consciousness. Few humans, compared to the billions of spirits that have entered the human cycle will accomplish this ultimate goal. Karma, analogous with individual behavior in the spirit world before entering the human cycle dictates the destiny of who will attain a higher level of consciousness during a lifetime.

Very few individuals can walk the narrow road leading to incorruptible immortality; the few individuals that are able to follow the road have been predestined from the time the Divine Source created the spirits in the spirit world.


  • Familiar phrases referring to a Sacred Spirit are Archangels, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, or The Gods.
  • An Original Spirit must enter the human cycle with virtuous karma, suffer the body multiple lifetimes; upon attaining a high level of consciousness, upon the death of that human life the individual will ascend as a Sacred Spirit.
  • Only a few individuals compared the billions of humanity will attain the privilege of breaking the human cycle.
  • A Sacred Spirit is incorruptible to the darkness.