The Spirit World

Understanding The Spirit World

The Spirit World existed long time before the earth and humans existed. From the very beginning, the darkness (Ego) existed with the virtuous light. Two sides evolved in the spirit world—the light on the right and the darkness on the left of the Divine Source.

Understanding the insights of the spirit world can aid in opposing the darkness for the diligent spiritual student.

Even the most sophisticated and educated people will struggle with the subject of the spirit world. Because of centuries of deception, and wicked men removing the cultures of indigenous tribes, much knowledge and skills about the truths of the spirit world remain lost. The truth of the Spirit World remains within superstition and buried from centuries of fear, ignorance, and deception. Therefore, most of humanity refuses (fear-based) to listen to a reality that is true. A mass of individuals, yet few compared to the billions of humanity, are advancing their spirituality, and freeing their minds and comprehending that our tribal forefather’s knowledge is still available despite the take over by western imperialism.

The few writers who revealed their own experiences and knowledge about the Spirit World will vary because each person visualizes differently according to their spiritual disposition and progression, yet, the basic truths are analogous.

Each person who is living today on this earth, lived as a spirit before going into the human cycle. Each person experienced their beginning; the beginning for humans was a formless spirit. Each spirit issued out of the of the Divine Source—each person was granted a destiny—choice is granted to each individual—that choice interconnects with our unique destiny. Karmic laws bind each person according to individual personal behavior. Out spirit dwells within as our higher-self. The third dimensional human body is of dense matter; thus, an individual can experience separateness from their inner spirit.

The spirit world is a subject that an insufficient amount of people will conjecture, nor comprehend.

Certain spirits, mostly of the first spirits created, were granted creative powers, along with the high-ranking lower entities. The ego existed as an energy, from the beginning in the Spirit World; however, the light of love proved predominant upon all spirits, even though; the ego caused the demotion of Baal the accuser, the master of the darkness. Yet, The Almighty Divine Creator granted the spirits with creative powers as “Divine-Craftsmen”. The Old Testament uses the term “Eloheem” which the Hebrew definition of Eloheem is plural. Hence, the first two chapters in Genesis applied the term Eloheem, although they translate the word in a singular form. The Eloheem or the Divine-Craftsmen, were not only of the spirits of the light, but, also the entities of the darkness.

The creation of life is a subject that humans have been in the dark ever since the creation of the wise man (Homo-sapiens), except for enlightened people who lived at a high level of consciousness.

The Prophets, Apostles, and Jesus, taught about the spirit world, the kingdom of the light, the judgment era, and the man of lawlessness. Wicked men and western religions have buried the truth and destroyed cultures, such as the Mayan and Native American Indians who understood the mysteries of the spirit world and respected the natural rhythms of nature.

Upon the prerequisite of desire of knowledge, the fearless diligent student will understand and comprehend the deeper truths of the spirit world.

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